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Buddy List

Sybille C. Denninger

Buddy List


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Buddy List - Web of Lies

This novel about the Internet Chat Culture of the late 1990s has been downloaded in German language over 40,000 times. It is available for the first time in English, newly edited with a cover with graphic design by Gabrielle Potts.

Buddy List is about seven Chatroom friends in 1998. They leave the safe anonymity of their online world to meet the people from their buddy list, whom they feel they know so well, in real life. This turns out to be a questionable undertaking with lots of crazy surprises.

Unrequited love, a passionate affair, a not all that feminine Turkish cleaning lady, nasty lies and desperate attempts to hide one’s own identity bring Swampwitch21, PCking, Moneygirl, DrKellerxxx, Icecrystal, MagicTurtle4U und CleanShirin together. They inevitably get caught in a web of lies, which spans across two continents.

This travel back to the good old (AOL?) chat rooms is the perfect book for former chat freaks! LOL

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