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Witch Board

Sybille C. Denninger

Witch Board


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Witch Board – Never too dead for Revenge

Giech 1982: Christina and Doris are teenagers and best friends from a small German village. They have no idea, that their game with a homemade witch board will have horrible consequences five years after they call a spirit back from the dead. A witch’s prediction in Salem, Massachusetts, a tragedy in Ireland, a voice pushing Christina into making crazy decisions and a ghostly appearance in photos taken in Munich turn their lives upside down. Christina and Doris try to escape the wrath of a 19th century murder victim with the help of German Army officer Stefan von Gerlitz, who hides a sad and shocking secret. Together with a well known parapsychologist they need to figure out if Hungary’s tragic Roma-Gypsy past and someone connected to the young officer are the key to the ghost’s revenge. Can Christina, Doris and Stefan connect the dots in time to avert a catastrophy?

You are never too dead for revenge. Can love and friendship survive?

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